Menlo Park Beauty

Photographed this beautiful big home last week. It was spacious and open. It's always strange to me to be in a home with a living room and a family room. The home I grew up in just had a living room. I love that this home had a porch.


Luxury Home

This luxurious home located on the Peninsula was awesome to photograph. It took me a while, but was worth it.  All that was missing was a pool, but it did have a home movie theater.

New Year New Theme

The season of making yearly resolutions has approached. I always felt resolutions were a bit stressful and a set-up to fail. I start off gung-ho and at the end of a week I fizzle. Yes, a week.
In 2016, I decided to choose a yearly theme instead of a resolution. The idea of the theme was introduced to me by the podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”. You can read about my 2016 theme choice here. I stuck to my theme for 2016 and I feel successful instead of hating myself for failing a resolution. Life is a journey not a resolution.

As 2017 gets started I have been thinking about what I’d like my theme to be. I chose to go with “presence”. I just want to be present in the now. I want to give attention to what I do and say. The past ten years for me have introduced so many different ways to be distracted. I am less in the moment than I’ve ever been. I have fewer quiet, distraction free times, and forget about trying to read a book! If we’re not browsing on our phone, we’re texting, playing a game, or on some sort of social media platform. It’s madness! The more distracted we are it seems the more desensitized we become to it. Do you ever feel busy, but not productive? I get stressed physically and emotionally by feeling that I need to constantly check for something new on my phone. Guess what? Nothing interesting usually has happened within 10 seconds.

One of the very helpful tools I started to weave into my daily life is meditation. I even use an app and meditate before I leave the bed in the morning. I find myself in a better mood and with intention and focus for my day. I found a very cool local Japanese garden that I plan to do some meditation in as well.

I have a few tips to share for practicing being present:

1. Pay attention to every aspect of what you’re doing
2. Become aware of your thoughts when they begin to wander and consciously come back to what you’re doing
3. Be joyful in what you’re doing
4. Try not to multitask
5. Meditate

What do you think your theme would be for 2017?

A conceptual photoshoot I did based on being in a moment

A conceptual photoshoot I did based on being in a moment

Maternity Special

Maternity photo sessions are such a memorable time for the couple and me. It's such a big moment in life to bring a life into the world. I love the stories I hear and the excitement from the parents. I'm having a limited time maternity special. I hope I can capture these moments for you.