A story about art

I've added an "Art" section to my website and "Shop" so my recent art has a place to live as I create it.

I'm currently working on a series of paintings that are inspired by portraits of women I was taking. I was photographing a series I called "Afro", women that had their natural hair grown out. After growing up with no idea what to do with my own hair, crying about my hair, hating my hair, straightening my hair, hiding my hair - I have had it! I was frustrated and just wanted to wear my hair as it was without feeling bad about it. In turn, I found inspiration in other women who had the courage and style to rock their hair as it is, beautifully natural. I wanted to show the beauty and highlight it because there are too many media outlets that tell us to make our hair calm, straight, silky, etc. as if naturally curly hair was unsightly.

A few months ago I decided I'd like to start painting again and chose to do a more illustrative style of the natural hair theme. I've been having fun with it and enjoying the process. I like listening to music, quieting my mind and painting while I hang out with my cats. I know, it sounds like such a stereotypical thing to do, but it's true. It gives me a much-needed break from being inundated with social media, email, daily worries and distractions.

I hope to share each painting as I finish them; 12 to 13 in all.

I'm not a trained artist and I'm not a trained photographer, but we can learn what we put our minds to and practice.

Please feel free to follow my art Instagram as well @ciagould_art to follow the behind the scenes progress.

The originals of these four painting are up now at Smalltown Society - The Space. You can come by to the open door every Thursday from 7pm-9pm (22222 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA). You can also check out the other artist showing their work. Be sure you go and follow them on Facebook as well for cool event and community updates.