"I finally met with Cia for a portrait session after several attempts where I had to cancel or reschedule. I'm not particularly the type to jump in front of the camera when the group shots are taken. While I am a ardent admirer of her photographs both in portraiture and architectural imagery, I really did not know what to expect. Cia was both disarming and engaging which gave our session the feeling more of a collaboration than a sitting. We talked of ideas, projects and people completely off the grid and the hour flew by in what seemed to be just a few clicks of her camera. I don't know why did not ask to see any of the shots at that time. The next day I received a link to review and download some images. She managed to deliver inciteful imagery that floored me. This is "ME?"--Mature, contemplative and unique; I love them. I look and share them way more than I want to admit." 

- Allen

"We are so in love with our photos! You did such a good job of making us feel comfortable and giving us exactly what we wanted! You were extremely professional and gave great direction! We will definitely be using you again in the future! Thank you again for a wonderful experience!"
- Mary

"Working with Cia was amazing, she is so unassuming you are not quite sure what to expect until you see the images, and wow I had amazing results, there were so many to choose from that I ended up taking nearly all of them! Cia takes all the fear and anxiety that you may be feeling, and neutralizes it with her inner calmness. Cia is so zen that you have no choice but to be perfectly at ease in her company!
I would highly recommend Cia, she was efficient, professional and I received my final images in less than 48 hours."

- Ravneet V.

"I just reviewed my photos. Complete Awe! You, my dear, are a photography maestro. Without even knowing, you have helped my healing confidence after this years life changing ordeal. I am SO happy with the photos! "

"Cia Gould is such a joy to work with! She’s a reliable poised, pleasant, professional maestro with the camera. I was introduced to her in 2011 as a participant in her inspiring L.E.G.S. project and she has been my photographer/ friend ever since then. Her hawk’s eye for capturing beauty is natural, special and once developed, truly magical."

- Nicia De'Lovely


"Cia Gould's engagement with me was through a 3rd party to photograph my home for advertising. Her work was incredible. She was able to capture my home in such style. The transformation reveal details of the space that I never noticed before. Her work played heavily on light and space. Every photograph unfolded an elements in the room that seem to bring it to life. She also did some layering of the photographs that flowed so effortlessly because of the way she blend the colors and captured specific trait or object in the room; the layout was like a perfect story. Her work gave me a newfound appreciation for my space. I look forward to collaborating with her on future projects."

- Wilhemina F.


"I had the pleasure of meeting Cia last year when she photographed one of my projects. She was very friendly and easy to work with and produced some nice shots of my room. I happily recommend her."

- Alina Druga Interiors


“Cia Gould did an outstanding job of taking pictures of my house for Airbnb. She is very knowledgeable and artistic. She captures the scenery that tells a story which is important in my business. I highly recommend Cia Gould as a professional photographer.”

- Rebecca M.


"Cia Gould has a gift. She is deeply committed to her craft and her photos reflect the depth of her passion for photography. It was so easy to work with her because she makes you comfortable to just be yourself. Cia has the ability to see beauty in the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Simply put, she makes magic happen!"

- Darryl Anders


"Cia is a beautifully creative individual. And this is what she infuses into her photography. With warmth and patience, she made our time together easy and fun. She took my scattered ideas and realized them, choosing the perfect spots to shoot and capturing the moments just as I asked, natural, sexy and textured. I am very pleased to have worked with her and would easily do so again."
- Omega Rae


"I had a wonderful time working with Cia! She is a true professional and she made me feel comfortable during the entire process, from our initial meeting to the final photo shoot. The final photos were well edited and looked truly amazing, I would absolutely work with her again! Thank you for the great experience and the wonderful photos."
- Lindsay


"My working experience with Cia was a very pleasant one. She is very professional, skilled, sensitive and patient: qualities that are beneficial to have while successfully photographing children. I was satisfied with the images that she developed and am currently using them to scout print work opportunities for my 6 year old twins. Cia is a pleasure to work with and I do not hesitate to say that I will gladly work with her again."
- Erika


“Working with Cia has been a very positive experience for me, she is very professional yet makes you feel at ease in front of the camera. She gives you clear direction in an encouraging manner so to create the best photographs possible. Cia has an eye for unique artistic shots that others may never see. The first time I modeled for her once or twice I questioned "Why that pose?" or "Why that angle?" but after seeing the results I no longer question, I just let the master do her work.”
- Anna


"I had a great time at my photoshoot with Cia Gould Photography. She gave me just what I wanted. A Natural, Spiritual, Feminine Look."
- Reanna


"I am so very pleased with my headshots taken by Cia Gould. The whole experience was amazing. This is my third round with photographers trying to get a professional headshot that fit my vision. Apparently, third time is a charm. Cia's professionalism, talent, and ability to make one feel comfortable in front of a camera set her apart from the rest. I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone wanting a high quality photo capturing their vision of a final product. So grateful I found her!
– Yas


"Working with Cia is a pleasure. Her "eye" and skill were JUST what we needed to come away with pictures that actually spoke "a thousand words." And the pictures she took were just half of all the work she put in to ensure I was satisfied with the final results. She's been great to work with throughout the entire process and helped with everything from choosing a location to taking the pics to helping to get the photos developed, framed and posted. She is professional, she is punctual AND VERY TALENTED! Will definitely work with Cia again the next time I need photos taken."
– Daniel


"Cia is lovely to work with! She is professional but personable and is great at making you feel comfortable. Her natural talent at photography and art make the final results stunning and beautiful. I'm working with her again soon, and I cannot wait! I would recommend her to anyone with high standards for results; her fun, passionate personality is just a plus!"
– Jacqueline